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History of Homestead

Siberian Huskies and Homestead Kennels

History of Homestead Kennels

Our first Siberian came to us in 1974. We have been involved in showing, racing, weight pulling and, of course, puppies. Our primary goal is strong, healthy Siberians, regardless of color.   We are no longer raising puppies, only helping unwanted Siberian Huskies.   Our rescue work now includes a website,    Below is a photo history of the Homestead line of Siberian Huskies.  

Kheelo of Flat Creek and Kagee's Kahlua - 
in their later years. 

Kagee's Kahlua (Katie) and Kneelo of Flat Creek (Keelo) were the parents of Homestead's Rasputin in 1980.  Parents of Kagee's Kahlua were Arctura's Dawn Chief Kamiakin and Dichoda's Noho.  Parents of Kneelo of Flat Creek were Pinehill's Dakota and Patty's Duchess of Shenandoa.

Homestead's Rasputin (Rasp)

Homestead's Baron came was born Nov. 1, 198l to Kheelo of Flat Creek and Baronessa of Brunhaus

Homestead's Baron - Excellent Lead Dog

Catawba's Panda Bear, not from Homestead Lines

Catawba's Panda Bear

Juroblyn's Isanyati Hukahay - from Innisfere's Star Chaser of Myla and Kenosha Koda of Midnight Sun

Juroblyn's Isanyati Hukahay - "Corky"


What you need

Patience, love and tenderness.

Information on litters

The best thing to do is to leave us an E-mail message as to what you are looking for. Be sure to include your address and phone number and try to answer some of the questions above.
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